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Our Step by Step Process

Let us help guide you through the beginning steps of your weight loss journey. Learn about our step by step process.

At HCA Florida General and Weight Loss surgery (formerly Sun Coast Bariatrics) we are committed to the success of your bariatric surgery process. Now that you have made the decision to move forward with bariatric surgery, you’ve already made an important choice to regain your health, improve your quality of life and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Now, let us help guide you through the beginning steps of your journey.

Our process

Step 1 – Attend one of our free bariatric surgery seminars either online or in person. (Bring your insurance information with you to the in person seminar)
Step 2 – After your seminar, our bariatric coordinator will contact you to arrange an appointment with her. At this time, we will get your official height and weight, our bariatric coordinator will discuss with you your insurance benefits, requirements, and financial obligations. Future appointments, including consultation with your surgeon, nutrition consultation and psychological evaluation, will be scheduled during this visit. At this time we will need your assistance to start gathering the documented requirements to submit to your insurance for approval.
Step 3 – Attend your consultation with one of our physicians.
Step 4 – Obtain your psychological evaluation. The psychological evaluation is required and is intended to make sure you are ready for surgery. We work with two licensed psychologists, Dr. Baum (727) 894-9777 and Dr. Lindsay (727) 341-1402, who specialize working with bariatric surgery patients.
Step 5 – Complete your one on one nutritional evaluation with our dietitian Pat Pedersen, RD, LDN, CDE.
Please note, Steps 3, 4 and 5 may be completed on the same day
Step 6 – Submission of gathered documentation to your insurance carrier for authorization (if applicable). Please note, insurance approval can take anywhere from 15-30 days to complete AFTER all required documentation has been received and submitted for approval. This delay is determined by your insurance carrier, unfortunately, Sun Coast Bariatrics has no control over the length of time it takes your carrier to determine approval. We understand this process can be long and frustrating, but we will continue to work on this until we have a response.
Step 7 – Schedule your surgery date! At this time, you will be given requisitions for pre-operative tests. (i.e. labs, EKG and chest X-ray). We will also discuss with you special clearances you may need like cardiac clearance, pulmonary clearance, etc. The results of all tests and clearances must be back to our office at least 1 week prior to your surgery. Please note, pre op testing must be performed within 30 days of surgery or will need to be repeated.
Step 8 – Attend our pre-operative nutrition class 3-4 weeks prior to surgery.
Step 9- Begin your pre-op diet (2 weeks before surgery)
Step 10– Attend your pre-op appointment with Sun Coast Bariatrics
Step 11- SURGERY!
If you are ready to begin the bariatric surgery process, or if you have any questions for us please call us at (727)289-7137.